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The telecommunications facility or data center is the heart of both large and small scale businesses. All communications systems are centralized, and creating an efficient infrastructure is crucial to your daily operations and communications needs.

We take pride in designing, implementing and maintaining all systems pertinent to each area of your business, whether you’re building new, renovating or simply upgrading your current equipment.


With today’s advancements in technology, it’s much quicker and easier to design, upgrade or troubleshoot an existing infrastructure. Wether you’re building a new facility, renovating your current one or simply looking to upgrade any of your current systems, we’ve got it covered.

We can work with you to create an infrastructure that works best for your business or help you upgrade your current one to keep you up-to-date with the newest advancements in telecommunications. All voice, data and fiber terminations are tested and certified according to standard requirements and ratings. All installs are accompanied by printed or CD-ROM versions of test results, as well as an As-Built blueprint

Voice & Data Systems

Voice & Data Systems are terminated in the telecom closet on a 24, 48 or 96 port patch panel or BIX block (depending on voice system installed) and travel outward to each end point location where they are terminated on a category rated RJ45 connector, plated and labeled accordingly.

Fiber Optic Systems

Fiber Optic Systems are terminated in the telecom closet within a wall or rack mounted fiber splice enclosure. Each fiber is fusion or mechanical spliced to the appropiate ST, SC, LC, FC, etc. connectors. Each end point is labeled accordingly.

Cabling Types

There are a variety of cable types commonly used across all networked systems & vary depending on your communications needs.


The following are terminations we encounter on a basic infrastructure but are not limited to the full range of services we provide.


Each fiber and category rated cable is tested and certified to ensure that all connections meet the required certification standards.