• Dedicated Connections

    Keep your Wi-Fi running smooth

    Many homeowners prefer wireless connections, however, providing dedicated cabled connections to devices that are data intensive help keep your wireless broadband traffice uncluttered and running more smoothly. These types of cabled connections are beneficial for streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, etc, gaming and networked storage devices.

  • Wireless Indoor & Outdoor Access Points

    Free your devices and go wireless

    Unlike dedicated cable connections, wireless access points give you the freedom to use your devices when and where you want to freely throughout your home. We offer both indoor and outdoor access points to cover all of the important areas of your home to keep you connected at all times.

  • Network Switch

    Keep all your devices in sync

    The network switch is the brain of your network. Its what connects all your devices to the internet and each other. The network switch will monitor network traffic and sort it appropriately to keep all of your devices running at top speed!

  • Residential Panel w/ 12 Port Network Module

    Central Communications Hub

    The residential panel with 12 port network module gives homeowners a central hub for all of their communications such as television, network and phone. All the various cables installed through your home are conveniently kept neat and organized in one central location.