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About us

Innovative Telecommunication Solutions

XPERT Communication specializes in low voltage integration, providing comprehensive solutions to clients in sectors like commercial, government, education, and healthcare. Our services include structured cabling, security system design, audiovisual setups, and other voice, video, and data solutions.


Our Services and Solutions

Empowering Seamless Communication

We can help you stay ahead by providing innovative, secure, and reliable solutions, not only to help you win new business, but also to ensure your operations keep running efficiently.


Structured Cabling

Easing management, troubleshooting, and expansion for current and future tech.


Access Control

Helping to enhance your security, privacy, and overall control of sensitive information and resources.


Video Surveillance

Strategically placed to capture video footage of activities, events, or incidents in real-time.


Distributed Antennae

DAS can support various wireless technologies, including cellular, public safety radio, Wi-Fi, and more.


Commercial Electrical

Powering your business with reliable and safe electrical solutions tailored to your commercial needs.


Building Automation

Transforming your building into a smart, efficient, and sustainable space with partnered automation solutions.


A/V Services

Delivering immersive audiovisual experiences that captivate and engage your audience, whether for presentations, events, or entertainment.

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We pride ourselves on being your premier choice for unparalleled solutions that drive success. When you choose us, you're not just selecting a service provider – you're gaining a trusted partner dedicated to your growth and achievement.

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Provides voice and data telecom services and solutions to Pennsylvania, and beyond.